Travelers Rest: 2005 – 2018

In 2006, Baumgardner moved to Travelers Rest, South Carolina, which represented his return to Greenville County. Three years later, he designed and built a studio surrounded by nature: a sanctuary for producing his art. He converted this into a live-work space in 2013. Baumgardner became well-known in the local art scene, showcasing sixty-three works at the Greenville County Museum of Art in 2011. The exhibition was entitled Matt Baumgardner: Made for Another World. After enduring multiple surgeries and suffering from chronic pain, Baumgardner passed away in his studio on November 20, 2018.

Coral Reef, 2016:

Baumgardner created paintings on the floor since the 1990s. Early in 2015, he had a hip replacement and was physically unable to return to large, heavy floor paintings until the following spring. Coral Reef was the first “mud” painting that he did after the surgery. As was his process, Baumgardner elevated a platform off the floor using cans of house paint. The exhibition in Thompson Gallery recreated this set-up to allow the viewer to envision the painting from the artist’s perspective during creation – which is different from how it looks on the wall. 

‘Travelers Rest’ Work Included in ‘Grids & Glyphs’

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