Baumgardner’s signature medium was a painterly mix that he called “mud.” It consisted of Golden acrylic and powder pigments combined with gypsum to make a paste which he applied to his surfaces in a variety of ways. Shown on the left is the meticulous organization of the mud by color in his studio.

The hundreds of paint brushes and scraping knives are arranged in a grid not dissimilar to those in his work. It is evident he took great care in cleaning and maintaining his supplies, which translates to the precision and quality put into the creation of his artwork.

Baumgardner’s penchant for buying materials (and food) in bulk is made obvious by his supply of masking tape. Masking tape was used every time he created a grid with ‘intuitive mathematics’, as it was crucial for building up the layers of mud with clean edges.

In the photo to the right, all his materials are brought together as he creates a painting. He layers the mud within the bounds of the masking tape by using the scraper tool to get an even surface. While the mud is still wet, he draws the organic, subconscious glyphs with a pencil. Baumgardner repeats the process, sometimes sanding the layers, until he is satisfied with his work.


Additional organization of materials