About: ‘Cubes’ Exhibition

Artist Matthew Clay Baumgardner spent the last twelve years of his life living and creating in Travelers Rest. Among the many works he created over his five decade-long career was his Cubes series. The Cubes occupy a unique place within the career of Matthew Baumgardner; they featured among his earliest works, and his earliest successes in the late 1970s and then did not reemerge until the establishment of the Travelers Rest studio in 2010. Stylistically, they unite the paradox between geometric order and organic line that gives tension and energy to Baumgardner’s paintings.

This exhibition was organized by Dr. Sarah Archino’s students from Art 281: Curatorial Issues and Practices: Caroline Bass, Beth Fraser, Sam Hayes, Leah Hess, Eliza Kate Leiter, Elizabeth Mangone, Annie Reigel, and Grayson Sloop. It was on display in the James B. Duke Library Special Collections gallery from December 6th, 2019 – March 2020.