In the winter of 2019, the Matthew Baumgardner Estate reached out to Professor Emeritus Michael Brodeur, who arranged an introduction to the Furman University Art Department. Among many long-term goals, the Estate and Department have collaborated to exhibit and document the work of Matthew Clay Baumgardner. This website was originally created under the guidance of Dr. Sarah Archino by Furman Summer Research Fellows Marissa Patel, Anne Heaton Sanders, and Caroline Bass. It functioned as a digital exploration of the ‘Cubes’ exhibition produced by Dr. Archino’s Curatorial Issues & Practices fall 2019 course. Since then, this archive has evolved to document the ‘Grids & Glyphs’ exhibition produced by Dr. Fischer’s Curatorial Issues & Practices fall 2020 course.

Our wish is for this site to not only be a documentation of the ‘Cubes’ and ‘Grids & Glyphs’ exhibitions, but also give a greater understanding of his life, influences, and process. This is ultimately a resource for further scholarship on Matthew Baumgardner and we welcome ongoing contributions from other researchers and those who knew him. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we would love to discuss our work!

Please note that for your best viewing experience, this website is best explored on a computer instead of a mobile device.